Monday, December 1, 2008

Think of it this way...

People do not show everything to you. Unless they trust you most, which in my case alot of people can trust me. I won't turn my back on you if you need me. But the thing is...I can give you advice but its only useful when you use it. Like (Blank) came to me and asked me to help with her troubles...which weren't her own but were troubling her. So i told her to talk to (Blanks troubled person). She said she would...later texted me saying she would wait till later. Well (Blank) waiting until later might make things worse. But what i am wondering...if so many people i help say they would help me too...i don't get it. I might not show things...but instead of usual conversations of "Hey what's up?" "N2m" "K Bye." why dont you asked Hows life once in a while. and if you mean it, i might tell you. The only person i have got nagging me all the time other than my mom, is devon. And he always asks what's wrong when THERE IS NOTHING WRONG!

Think of it this way...
what's the point of having friends when they are just as distant as the strangers you aquient with everyday.

Maybe someday...I'll have all the answers.

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