Tuesday, December 2, 2008

RE:RE:RE: Bombs away

Rage! alright, so Brandon. Let us debate.
True this generation the young adults are ruling, but it doesn't make it right. And people try to help each other out...if they care enough. Like yeah i don't like the things you do. Yeah they are wrong. and Yeah i will try to stop you. Loose all your respect for me...see if i care. But that's your lose not mine, because i was just trying to find the best for you. And if you had any respect for me at all like i do for you, you wouldn't get all worked up about it. STOP DOING DRUGS STOP SMOKING AND SELLING. your ass will be in jail before 18. and you won't even live to 30 so don't think even about 40.

VIOLENCE.. i never said it will stop. It should, but it won't. True, My single viewpoint won't change the millions of opposing views out there but the only person i know opposing are the ones that are victims. Violence is not the answer though, it always leads to getting in trouble. Whatever it is, there will always be disagreements, and there isn't anything anyone can do to stop it.

And about the whole not fake thing. If people have secrets doesn't make them fake. Yeah everyone has something to hide, but people are just trying to find the place they fit. And when they don't or when they want to fit with a few people and they aren't like..then they are fake. You can't just put them in a stereotype as fake with what they hide. They just aren't what they act like they are. Like lets bring someone who is way fake into this, Emily Menge, She talks to Alina and turns around and talks like shit. Or this girl named Abby W. She dresses in preppy cloths and tries to fit in but everyone knows she really isn't anything she thinks she is. You can lie just to be better then everyone and yeah, you would be fake. You really didn't understand what the point i was trying to make, and we do have different views. Your liberal I'm more conservative. Bit honestly, if people LIKE YOU weren't so stubborn and stupid, maybe yeah I could change the world, with your help.

And about crowds, yeah there are good and bad crowds, mostly when you have the same interest you hang around eachother, i dont know why the hell we talk, but we do. But people who want change, people who belive in the same thing, people who are not out of control, usually end up in a group. and about hidding things, everyone has a story, everyone has a problem. So do i, but i am not fake. I am who i am. You have to understand because i am sure YOU DON'T KNOW.

And you're right, i wouldn't know about being High, and really i don't care about it. It doesn't cross my mind, its not the right way to relax no matter how "good" it is. You think it's good till it kills you, so many teens die each year from smoking, alcohol and drugs. Don't talk about respect until you respect yourself. Cause your blog is straight up bullshit and standing up for your druggy ass.

And actually, your post offended me. And it did piss me off. so lets end it here, people think for themselves. Sometimes opinions have to be heard tho.

Maybe Someday....I'll have all the answers.

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