Sunday, January 11, 2009


So i understand some people are not religious or catholic, but for me, God is the only one that makes me feel like things will actually get better, because in the end, They do. So my world is falling apart and I'm sitting in church thinking, whats dragged a screw up like me here? And I just listen to the prayers, like they are talking to me, and then this smile finds its way on my face. And i feel so positive, like i know if i work hard enough my work ill pay off. Then there is the challenge of having to know when and how far to cross the line. I still need a life in order to "succeed" but there is no way i can when people put me down for the things i don't even claim. For example, "Hey Allie, if you don't respect others, others won't respect you." according to Sonya? Yeah..Sonya. At first I am going, "Wait what?" Then i realize...talking about Zach just makes me down to his level, even though he does worse then me, what i do is just bad enough. And i think about it, I really don't hate anyone. People might hurt me, but Hate is not what i feel toward them. Hate is a strong word. My moral for my troubles, take everything in with gratitude.
Be Strong. Be Independent. Don't be so hard on yourself, or so negative. Be Happy. And Be Thankful for all you have, no matter if you have a religion or not. We are all Human.

Maybe Someday....I'll have all the answers.