Monday, December 1, 2008

RE: Bombs away.

Okay so this one goes out to Britney.
Talking about war. The person who invented bombs most likely was not a nice person. And you are right, that could happen. But countries have wars for "There people" so here is what I'm saying, it would not make any sense to your theory of everyone bombing each only one side would die. Because while one side is being bombed it was most likely plotting a bombing. But it was taken care of before they had the chance. Plus bombs and war are not what are best for people. And you are right. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. People are the ones holding guns in the first place. I don't think you see a gun grow arms and legs wear all black and go on a rampage. for all those people that HAVE died from society's madness. R.I.P.
And the media does show all the violence, Every show you turn to is not like comedy anymore, no more George Lopez or just family oriented. It's all C.S.I. and deaths and News and rape. And you think its all funny? Its not. But i think people are starting to realize how bad this era is becoming. There is a store at the mall full of knifes and swords AND SELLS TO MINORS. This kid i know was walking around with a necklace that has a hidden real knife. He think its bad ass but its not. It is dangerous. Honestly, i always hear this place is better then that. Boarding school, public, private, catholic. Wherever you look there is violence and there is those bad kids that are well hidden underneath there masks of looking innocent. No one is normal anymore. You walk around school, teens deal drugs under the tables. They gamble and spend ALL their money on stuff that WON'T help the economy...just help themselves.
If Bombs won't kill everyone, I don't think it will make a difference. The same amount of hearts will stop beating.
I used to believe in the end of the World coming soon, i try to prevent it. But i can't alone. No one cares about anything anymore but GLAMOR....well I will tell you one thing...When your dead, you wont be so Glamorous.

Maybe someday...I'll have all the answers.


Ana said...

Holy shit, Allie.
That was intense.
And I completely agree.

Britney$pencer said...

I couldn't agree with you more kid, I like the way you think.
We make a pretty swell team If I do say so myself =]

brandon said...

a debate has started.