Tuesday, December 2, 2008

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: Bombs away

Okay, so this topic has gone way out of control. And Brit is regretting bringing it up. and We all have our differences. But your right, everyone hides something, everyone has problems. My opinions come from what i have been through. And i am sure you know. It doesn't always have to be an effect of family...friends can hurt you a lot to. Which is why i am way happier this year. But i have major trust issues. And you have to understand, i am who i am. I am sure a lot of people can agree with both sides. Like i said, we all have our differences. And i really liked this actually. It came to me, that this is a way of learning about each other, how we think. But with my trust issues...I can not tell from lies to truth. From sarcasm to seriousness. Which is why sometimes i keep things inside when i can't say whats bothering me. And if i still don't want to bring it up i will either be very mad so you don't talk to me. Or very quite, so you don't notice me.

But most girls in my grade are fake, trust me. I can point them out. But that's their flaw, so it isn't my problem. I was just having you think about it. About the J-hall kids. They aren't too bad, like you i do stand up for them. But when you think about it...they are different. But that isn't bad. Which brings a new question to mind. Why can't people just mind their own business and accept everyone as humans? Everyone follows there own path..there is no leaders to the game of LIFE. It may bring me up as a hypocrite to ask that, but I am also human, and i do have my opinions. But i can change when i think about it, and i just want to learn. I do want to change the world one day...but i feel like i am not getting anywhere without support.

Drugs might not be "Bad" but what happens while your under the relaxation you may never know. And true i don't know. But if it wasn't bad, they wouldn't recommend that people should stop or never even start. And from t.v. shows, movies (you can learn a lot), and people i have talked to that used to do stuff. You think your happy with it now, but you will regret it.

Again, my opinions and values are different. Due to the fact that my believes are different. And i am a catholic. But sometimes, to be heard...You have to use your voice.

Maybe Someday....I'll have all the answers.

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