Monday, December 1, 2008


So i have a lot of time on my hands. And i think way to much...Too deep into things. And it just never turns out right. Today i did things a little differently, i went home like usual, but instead of homework or eating or sleeping...I just sat there. yes i was thinking. Too much. And i needed it to be stopped. But i will tell you what was bothering me, THE WORLD is bothering me. Or maybe its just me. Has it occurred to you that we are the wasted youth. Kids of the future...but not really. They are highering education levels for people to graduate. The economy is dying. People spend most of there time being fake and something they are not. Conceited, self centered, selfish. Its all about ME. They even teach you in school about how its wrong. But usual when these discussions are held, you hear the ones who speak up the ones that feel the shame, or they want to put in there thoughts, or they are just nerds and want to show off to the teachers...but you got to love them nerds. AND THEN you hear little side conversations about how everyone spent their weekend partying...smoking..."rolling a blunt" and relaxing? That doesn't sound too relaxing to me... I am not complaining though. I found a great group this year. Although they are all vegetarians and read more books then i do they are really fun to hang out with, and not a bad crowd. They change me in ways more then they will ever know...Britney, Emily, Maribeth, Ben, and Kat are my Heroes. They are the type of people...that are true friends. AND ARE NOT FAKE. which is the best part. And we can just have fun being legal and we have music and interests in common. Which is the one cool thing about our high school...there is a place for everyone.
BUT ANYWAYS...I will admit they made me change my mind about how i stereotyped the youth now...but still. Some girls and guys out there are way to out of control. But now that i think about...there always is a few people who you can count on no matter what. (see...i think way too much)
And i am going to turn this whole blog around...and just tell them, Thank you :) and that I love you guys <3 style="" size="2" face="courier new">Maybe someday...I'll have all the answers.

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